Tips for taking care of your watches

Temperature: Do not expose the watch to direct sunlight or extreme temperature: long exposure may affect the operation of the watch and shorten battery life.Impact: Our watches can withstand normal every-day impacts and shocks and those normally imparted by non-contact sports. Serious damage, however, may result if the watch is dropped or subjected to severe shock.Magnetic fields: Our watches are antimagnetic up to 60 gauss, and so, is not affected by normal domestic appliances. Its operation may be temporarily affected, if it is worn near intense magnetic fields.Static electricity: If the watch is exposed to intense electrical fields, the time display may lose some of its accuracy. This is why it would be good not to leave them on electronic devices eg tablets, mobile phones, laptops etc.

How to clean your watch

Chemicals and gases: Do not wear the watch in the presence of perfumes, strong chemicals and gases. Some parts of the watch may lose their color, dissolve or even break. The watch case and strap may discolour, if they come into contact with mercury such as from a broken thermometer. Pay special attention to avoid contact with chemicals!

Cleaning your Watch: Wearing a watch day-in and day-out, can result in dirt, sweat and solvent build up. In order to assure a longer watch life, care and clean it regularly. Use an absorbent soft cloth to clean the watch glass.

  • Metal bands: use a soft-bristled dry toothbrush to gently scrub between the links of the bracelet both on the inside and outside.
  • Plastic or Rubber straps: gently wash with water. Do not use cleaning solvents.
  • Leather straps: gently rub the surface of the strap using a soft dry cloth.

Watches are jewelry piece and must be treated with care. We cannot accept liability for stones dislodging or damages caused to clothing due to ill-treatment of product.


Keep batteries out of the reach of children!

If a battery is accidentally swallowed, call a doctor immediately!

Do not throw away your old watches with their batteries or old batteries after replacement. We protect the environment by always disposing of batteries for recycling.

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