Tips for the care of your jewelry

Preserve your jewelry in the original padded box or in a velvet pouch.

An occasional polishing with a soft cloth will help maintain the original lustrous finish. Make sure the soft cloth, it does not contain acid, alcohol, ammonia or other chemical.

Avoid wearing your jewelry when you are sleeping as they may broke or you may hurt yourself.

Remove your jewelry before sports, swimming, exercising, showering, cleaning, doing laundry, or applying lotions, parfums or creams. Sea or Pool water might damage your jewel.

Your jewellery are going to sparkle again if you use warm water with dish soap and scrub them lightly with an old soft toothbrush.

Never store jewelry wet. Always dry with a soft cloth before storing.

Store jewelry in a plastic Ziploc bag or in soft jewelry pouch away from other objects and jewelry items to avoid scratching as well as dust.

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